Nail Enhancement

Nail Enhancement

Sometimes, what nature gave you just isn’t enough; if you want longer, sturdier nails then acrylic extensions or overlays might give you that extra oomph.

We have been well known for our acrylic nails for over 10 years. Our nail technicians create a style that reflects you. We also do shellac nails in store as well as gel nails and acrylic nails. Call us today to book an appointment.

How does it work?

There’s a whole pick’n’mix range of artificial nail treatments available. Basic acrylic tips are pre-formed shapes, which are picked to match your nail shape and glued over your existing nails. First, your natural nail has to be roughened to give the adhesive a better grip. Then, the nail is stuck on and filed down to create a smooth join. Finally, acrylic filler is used to coat the join and the entire nail. WE also DO NOT use  MMA products, we are a certified Creative and NSI Salon.

Full set $75
Full set French $85
Refills $52
French refills $63
French overlays $60
Natural overlays $58
Removal and natural overlays $62
Buff & polish $36
Temporary tips $45
Single tips with refills $4 each
Removal of nail enhancement $40
Single nail repair $7.50
Art for nails (diamantes, stickers, or flowers) $2 each
Gel top coat $8
UV top coat $3
Refills with Shellac $72



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